Top 10 Most Dangerous And Evil Dogs In The World

3. Siberian Husky

Dogs of this breed occupy the third line of this TOP. Their original purpose was to transport people and goods across the boundless northern snowy expanses of Russia. However, in the second half of the last century, dog handlers of the USSR for some reason decided to exclude them from the register containing a list of northern rocks. In the future, the history of the husky can be tracked already in North America. Today these dogs are not aggressive. True, people who are not familiar with them sufficiently, they make a frightening impression. Perhaps this is due to the similarity of the appearance of the Siberian husky with the appearance of wolves. In any case, these animals, when certain conditions are created, can be really dangerous for humans. They practically do not lend themselves to training and the process of their education has to be combined with games, as this is the only way to achieve at least some results.