10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Eeat Meat

“I see no reason why you should kill animals and eat their meat because you can eat something else,” said the Dalai Lama: “We don’t need any meat.”

Nowadays more and more people try to reduce meat consumption.
This current trend spreads quickly around the world because a lot of studies showed that who doesn’t eat too much meat or doesn’t eat it at all, is usually healthier, slimmer and hasn’t any bad feelings about killing the animals.

No matter who you decide to be vegan or vegetarian or just try don’t eat a lot of meat, there are 10 reasons why the meat is bad for you.

1.It can increase the risk of Cancer

The scientists proved that eating processed and red meat can increase the risk of cancer, there is also some evidence for an increased risk of stomach and pancreatic cancer. When the beef is processed for enhanced flavor or increased of the expiration date, it becomes deadly. The World Health Organization attributes processed meat to the same cancer-risk category as smoking and exposure to asbestos.