9 Rules Taking Care About Your Hands

Whether it’s with a handshake or a friendly wave, your hands can make a very strong first impression. That’s why you want them to be soft, smooth, and as healthy as possible. Taking care of them may seem easy, but you want to be sure that you’re using the right products to wash and moisturize them so the skin doesn’t get dry and cracked. It’s also important to protect your hands from things that can irritate them, such as the sun, water, and household chores.

1. Keep your hands clean

Wash with moisturizing hand soap. Keeping your hands clean is important, but using an antibacterial hand soap can dry your skin. Instead, wash your hands with a moisturizing soap containing moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, or aloe vera to avoid the fusion of natural oils from your skin.
Try to wash your hands with warm water, not hot.
Do not worry about washing your hands too often – it is important to wash regularly so that your hands are free from germs. You should also wash after talking to animals or anytime your hands look dirty.

Brush under the nails with a nailbrush. Even if you wash your hands regularly, there may be dirt and dirt under the nails that cannot be washed off with water. While you wash your hands, use a quality nail brush to gently clean under the nails and remove any dirt that might get stuck there.
After cleaning your nails, wash off soap, water and dirt as usual.