11 Weird Kitchen Gadgets

We all like to use the most innovative gadgets, but often some of these devices are expensive and useless. Some of them will turn your food into art, and that’s always kind of cool. Many of us buy different kitchen devices expecting them to be useful, but in most cases they are just useless.

Let’s see what we have in this list of the weirdest kitchen gadgets you never knew existed. Who knows maybe some of them will be your favorite kitchen gadgets. Check out their incredible and crazy features.

1. One-Click Butter Cutter

One-Click Butter Cutter . So do you want to have a perfect slice of butter? This amazing device is much better than a butter knife. It’s easy to use, and it’s very innovative. This mini food chopper is quite useful, especially for moms who are busy in the morning and trying to do a lot of things at the same time. Just put a cold piece of butter in it and push the button, now you have a perfect portion of butter. The idea of creating this device was born in 1996, but only in 5 years this gadget was created. It’s cool to have something like this, because if you are cooking something hot and you need quickly cut butter, this device will do it in one click.

2. Mini Donut Factory

Wow…This is Mini Donut Factory, Carl! All you ever wanted to have in your kitchen. Donut lovers must have this fantastic thing – especially if you are a big fan of things in miniature size. You can create your mini donuts whenever you want it.

This machine has different setting and the only thing you have to do is to put oil and dough in it. If you are a big donut lover and fresh donuts are what you want then this gadget will be quite useful . Who said donuts? It’s hard to say what they will taste like, but a lot of people really like. Remember. the choice is yours!

3. Toast Strips Stamper

In case you want to have perfectly cut toast. Nobody knows why this gadget exists because it’s easy to cut your toast by yourself. Anyway, some lazy people will find it very useful. Ready to make your toast even tostier and tastier? It says that small food slices taste better. You can use this device without any difficulties, and even kids can make toasts with it help. Cut your favorite food into slices and enjoy your snacks. You can use it for your large sandwiches or some other things. But let’s be honest these small toasts look surprisingly cute, and you just can’t stop(yum-yum) eating them. Brace yourself, hunger is coming!

4. Banana Slicer

There are a lot of funny descriptions to this gadget. If you want to make a perfect murder of your banana, you can easily try this amazing banana slicer. A yellow skinned fruit will be your next target. It’s cool, but useless at the same time. There are a lot of reviews on this product. some of them will make laugh and even cry. What do you need this thing for? If you are working more than 12 hours a day, then you are not strong enough to kill Mr. Banana. Here comes the slicer. It will do all dirty work for you. LOL. Mr. Banana you can’t hide, you can’t run. That’s all, game over, buddy!

5. Automatic Pepper Mill + Salt Grinder

Grinding pepper and salt is such annoying thing, right? This gadget will do all the hard work for you. What else do you expect from this device? Simply useful thing that you would like to have. Just press a button and this device will  will electronically grind your salt and pepper. It looks stylish, and will match your table decor.

People who love freshly grounded spices and seasonings must have this cool gadget. There are no negative comments about this device and it’s highly recommended .

6. Musical Cake Slicer

Musical Cake Slicer, the name of this gadget sounds funny. It has different features, but this cake knife is also a songbird. Next time you slice your cake, you will listen to the Happy Birthday song.

Let’s see what we have her, more likely it looks like a knife with a speakerbox. Wow…the only thing this gadget doesn’t have is a little camera to take a selfie while this crazy gadget will murder your birthday cake. Your kids will be glad  to hear the Christmas or Birthday song from this musical cake slicer. This funny thing is not useless at all. This gadget is perfect for every special moment when the party cake appears

7.  Egg Cuber

Probably the weirdest gadget you’ve ever seen in your life. This is not a joke at all. Anyway, who likes their eggs round? This gadget will change your life:) Just put a round egg then get a square egg out. Magic? Nope!

Fortunately, hens will never see this crazy gadget. It’s easy to put a square egg on your toast, and this simple trick will lift your spirit.

Kids love everything unusual, so if you want to surprise them with some little magic, then you can feel free to use this cheap and hilarious gadget. It won’t change the way your round egg tastes like, but it brings absolutely new shape. Cop it or not?

8. Roll ‘n Pour

Wait a minute, what? This handy device makes it easy to pour juice. In case you can’t lift a bottle or your hands are too dirty. Who knew pouring soda could be so easy? Nice!

People who suffer from arthritis can’t live without this incredible gadget, because it makes life easier. First you thought this is just another useless gadget, but nope. Put a 2 liter bottle of your favorite drink and pour it up without spills. Older people and kids always need extra help, that’s why this gadget is so amazing. We can talk about it like for hours, but do you really need to describe its benefits?

9. The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler

This remote-controlled cooler can roll across the kitchen floor to deliver a well-timed beverage to you. It has room for your bottles and ice. That’s why your drinks will always stay cold like the heart of your ex-girlfriend.

A great gift for every man in the world. Use remote control to ask this little robot-alike buddy get you some drinks. If you are a big fan of sporting events and you can’t miss your favorite game, then this little helper will save your time. Women need to pay attention to this gadget, maybe your husband wants to own something like this. Why not? You can save your time and save your ears when you hear your husband screaming: Honey, bring me my bear ASAP, it’s a game time!

10. SnackMan Motion-Activated Treat Dispenser

It automatically serves up your favorite snacks with three selectable serving-size settings. This device keeps dirty hands from being placed in the peanut jar. Thanks to serving-size settings, you can get small portions of your favorite snacks.

It’s small and you can easily place it on your desktop or kitchen table. This unique device will satisfy your hunger with your favorite snacks, forget about ordering junk food. Just put your favorite snacks in it and get your treat whenever you want. You can use it for unwrapped candies,unsalted nuts, or  M&Ms.

11. Cherry Chomper

Finally, it happened. Now we have this amazing cherry chomper. Nobody wants to deal with a cherry pit or stem. This gadget does all work for you.

Simple and useful and it’s absolutely safe. Everyone likes to eat sweet cherry pie, but nobody wants to  to remove the pits from cherries for pie-baking, right? You can use it for cherry or olive, cherry lovers must have it! This innovative and funny gadget was invented to make our life easier. Also it will save your time and will do all work for you.